Forschung Ökonometrie  

Research of the IEW/Econometrics Team

In general, our research areas are in applied macroeconometrics, time series analysis and in applied microeconometrics. We use various techniques ranging from contingent valuation to spectral analysis. Recent work focuses on German re-unification, quantitative economics of education, economic growth and business cycles. Occasionally, we venture into other fields in joint projects with our collaborators.

Recent Working Papers

Recent Collaborators

Recent Invited Papers

  • Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik, Universität Münster, September 2015
  • IW-INFER Workshop on European Integration, IW Köln, July 2015
  • European Economics and Finance Society, 14th Annual Conference, Brussels, June 2015
  • AEL Conference: Entwicklungsökonomischer Ausschuss, IfW Kiel, June 2015
  • Rimini CEA, Growth and Development Workshop, Rimini, May 2015
  • IWH-UL-UH-W Nowcasting and Forecasting Workshop, November 2014
  • Verein für Socialpolitik: Jahrestagung, Universität der BW Hamburg, September 2014
  • RWI Research Network Conference on the “Economics of Education”, June 2014
  • IWH-INFER Workshop on Applied Economics and Economic Policy, March 2014
  • Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE) Conference, University of London, December 2013
  • IWH-CIREQ Workshop on Forecasting and Big Data, IWH, December 2013
  • CESifo Workshop on Political Economy, ifo Dresden, November 2013
  • European Economic Association Annual Congress, Gothenburg, August 2013
  • 4th Conference on Recent Developments in Macroeconomics, ZEW Mannheim, July 2013
  • Workshop on Fiscal Policy and the Great Recession, IWH, June 2013
  • INFINITI Conference on International Finance, Sciences Po Aix en Provence, June 2013
  • Bildungspolitische und diskriminierungsbedingte Verzerrungen in der Lehrevaluation, Konferenz: Methodische Probleme in der Evaluation, Universität Leipzig, June 2013
  • Stata Users Group Meeting, London, September 2012
  • Verein für Socialpolitik: Jahrestagung, Universität Göttingen, September 2012
  • 31st CIRET Conference, Vienna, September 2012
  • DIW SOEP 2012 10th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference, Berlin, June 2012
  • ZEW 3rd Conference on Recent Developments in Macroeconomics, Mannheim, June 2012
  • Asking Sensitive Questions: Theory and Data Collection Methods (Minikonferenz des quantitativen Methodenzentrums), Leipzig, June 2012
  • AEA National Conference on Teaching Economics, Boston, May 2012
  • CESifo Workshop Political Economy, ifo Dresden, December 2011
  • Macroeconometric Workshop 2011, DIW Berlin and FU Berlin, December 2011
  • Southern Economic Association, Annual Meeting, Washington DC, November 2011
  • Macro and Financial Econometrics Conference 2011, Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics, Heidelberg University, September 2011
  • Beeronomics - The Economics of Beer and Brewing Conference 2011, Weihenstephan/Munich, September 2011
  • Verein für Socialpolitik: Jahrestagung, Universität Frankfurt am Main, September 2011
  • American Economic Association, Committee on Economic Education, National Conference on Teaching Economics and Research in Economic Education, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Palo Alto, June 2011
  • Eastern Economic Association, Annual Conference, New York City, February 2011
  • CESifo Workshop Political Economy, ifo Dresden, November 2010
  • Verein für Socialpolitik: Jahrestagung, Universität Kiel, September 2010
  • CESifo Area Conference on Law and Economics, ifo Munich, March 2010
  • SOEP User Conference, DIW, WZB Berlin, August 2010
  • Tagung in der Reihe normative und institutionelle Grundfragen der Ökonomik: Ökonomik in der Krise?, Evangelische Akademie Tutzing, March 2010
  • United Nations WTO Colloquium and Summit on Mega-Event Sustainability, Johannesburg, March 2010

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