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Quantitative Economic History


Seminar Applied Econometrics



Central-German Doctoral Program Economics (CGDE)

Lunchtime Seminar


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Aktuelle Publikationen

Geo-politics and the impact of China's outward investment on developing countries: evidence from the Great Recession, forthcoming in Emerging Markets Review, 2021 (with Bastian Gawellek and Jingjing Lyu)

Subsidies in interacting crop market dynamics, forthcoming in Journal 
of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, 2021 (with Marika Behnert and Sören Graupner)

Is the relationship of wealth inequality with the real, financial and housing cycle country specific? (Atlantic Economic Journal)
Cumulative instructional time and student achievement (Education Economics)
Implementing an Approximate Dynamic Factor Model to Nowcast GDP Using Sensitivity Analysis (Journal of Business Cycle Research)
Cyclical Asset Returns in the Consumption and Investment Goods Sector (Review of Economic Dynamics)

Aktuelle Arbeitspapiere

Progressive Tax-like Effects of Inflation: Fact or Myth? The U.S. Post-war Experience
Assessing Temporary Product-Specific Subsidies: A Time Series Intervention Analysis


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