Master Economics  


We are looking for motivated students with an interest in practical economics and economic policy issues. Interested applicants should ideally be interested in other related topics such as globalization, economic policy, environment policy, development policy, and other geographic regions like Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and East Asia.

The M.Sc. Economics is intended principally as a program for economics graduates, but the faculty is also open to applications from graduates of other fields such as political science, sociology, mathematics and physics.

All obligatory courses as well as a wide range of courses from the different possible specializations are offered in English.

Application Requirements

The entry requirement for the program is completion of a six-semester university-level study (ideally bachelor) in a similar academic field with above average grades. A master's study in a different field, a German Diplom (university or university of applied science) or a German Magister also meet the entry requirements.

The selection of students is made on the basis of previous academic performance, further qualifications such as internships and studies abroad, as well as the personal interview.

Students with a bachelor's degree from a non-German university need to apply over uni-assist. See all information here.

Knowledge of German is recommended as lectures on some non-obligatory courses are being taught in German. 

In accordance with the Higher Education Law in the state of Saxony, the program carries no study fees.

The program can only be started in winter terms.

Anticipated Schedule

May 4th- 
May 31st 2020
Application over AlmaWeb (if the bachelor's degree was completed at a German university. Students with a bachelor's degree from a non-German university, please take notice of the instructions above.)
June 2020Invitation to a face-to-face interview
Mid of June- Mid of JulyFace-to-face interview (Skype interviews in expectional cases)
Mid of July Allocation of university places
05.10.2020 - 10.10.2020Student's Welcome Week
12.10.2020Classes begin


The personal interview with the applicant is conducted by at least two members of the selection committee and lasts at least 15 minutes. An interview via Skype is possible in exceptional cases. Further details will be in the invitation.

Subject of the personal interview are questions about the interest in the study program, the applicant's expertise concerning in particular Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Statistics, the current economic development, the bachelor thesis and, if applicable, questions about a course specific vocational training, internships or other activities that relate to the study program. The aim is to determine whether the applicant has the necessary standard of knowledge to successfully complete the master's program. 

Accommodation and travel costs are to be borne by the applicant. 

Application Documents

You need the following documents for the application:

  • A-Level certificate (or equivalent),
  • Verification of English skills (CEFR B2),
  • Undergraduate Degree Certificate (or official Grade Transcript),
  • CV/Resume,
  • Statement of Academic Intent (max. one side),
  • Additional Certificates, Confirmation of Internships etc.

Applicants whose current study will not be completed before 31 May are also invited to apply. They must however assure that their current course of study will be completed before 30 September of that year. 

Please note that applications arriving after the deadline as well as incomplete applications won't be accepted.

The faculty cannot provide any information regarding the application status during the running procedere. Your current application status can only be observed on AlmaWeb.

If you have any questions regarding the enrolment please contact the Student Office.

last update: 16.02.2021 


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