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Prof. Dr. Bernd Süßmuth (Lehrstuhlinhaber)

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Institute for Empirical Research in Economics
University of Leipzig
Grimmaische Straße 12
D - 04109 Leipzig

E-Mail: suessmuth(at)
Phone: +49 (0)341 - 97 33 782
Fax: +49 (0)341 - 97 33 789

Room: I 253
Office hours: by appointment

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Current positons and affiliations

Previous positions and fellowships



Empirische Ökonomie. Eine Einführung in Methoden und Anwendungen, Springer textbook, 2010 (with John Komlos).

Business Cycles in the Contemporary World: Description, Causes, Aggregation, and Synchronization, Physica-Springer, Heidelberg, New York, 2002.

    Articles in refereed journals: Economics

    Geo-politics and the impact of China's outward investment on developing countries: evidence from the Great Recession, forthcoming in Emerging Markets Review, 2021 (with Bastian Gawellek and Jingjing Lyu)

    Subsidies and interacting crop market dynamics, forthcoming in Journal 
    of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics
    , 2021 (with Marika Behnert and Sören Graupner)

    Is the relationship of wealth inequality with the real, financial and housing cycle country specific?, Atlantic Economic Journal, 47, 323–341, 2019 (with Connor Bryant)

    Cumulative instructional time and student achievement, Education Economics 27, 20-34, 2019 (with Philipp Mandel and Marco Sunder)

    Implementing an Approximate Dynamic Factor Model to Nowcast GDP Using Sensitivity Analysis, Journal of Business Cycle Research 14, 127–141, 2018 (with Pablo Duarte)

    Cyclical Asset Returns in the Consumption and Investment Goods Sector,
    Review of Economic Dynamics 28, 51-70, 2018 (with Burkhard Heer and Alfred Maussner)

    The Exchange Rate Susceptibility of European Core Industries, 1995-2010, The World Economy 41, 358-392, 2018 (with David Leuwer).

    What Determines Students' Preferences for Small Class Sizes?, Journal of Educational Planning and Administration 30, 111-122, 2016 (with Philipp Mandel).

    Tuition Fees and Instructional Quality, Economics Bulletin 36, 84-91, 2016 (with Bastian Gawellek and Daniel Singh).

    The Quantity Theory of Money: Valid only for High and Medium Inflation?, Applied Economics Quarterly 61, 315-329, 2015 (with Claude Hillinger and Marco Sunder).

    Public Education, Accountability, and Yardstick Competition in a Federal System, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy 15, 1679-1703, 2015 (with Philipp Mandel).

    Growth and Volatility of Tax Revenues in Latin America, World Development 54, 114-138, 2014 (with Hans Fricke).

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    A Different Look at Lenin's Legacy: Social Capital and Risk Taking in the Two Germanies, Journal of Comparative Economics 41, 789–803, 2013 (with Guido Heineck).

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    A Market's Reward Scheme, Media Attention, and the Transitory Success of Managerial Change, Journal of Economics and Statistics 232/2, 258-278, 2012 (with Stefan Wagner).

    Shooting Rampages and Maintenance of Campus Safety: An Incomplete Contracts Perspective, Review of Law and Economics 7, 573-600, 2011 (with Robert K. von Weizsäcker).

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    Beauty in the Classroom: Are German Students Less Blinded? Putative Pedagogical Productivity due to Professors' Pulchritude: Peculiar or Pervasive?, Applied Economics 38, 231-238, 2006.

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    Modeling the Synchronization of Sectoral Investment Cycles on the Base of Informational Externalities, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 14, 35-45, 2003.

    Publications Académiques dans les Revues Internationales d'Économie: Existe-t-il une Dimension Régionale? (Academic Publications in International Economic Reviews: Is there a regional dimension?), Économies et Sociétés W7, 633-670, 2003 (with Stephane Ghio).

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    Can Herding Explain Cyclic Comovement?, International Game Theory Review 4, 33-51, 2002.

    Articles in refereed journals: Other disciplines

    Cyclic Dynamics of Prevention Spending and Occupational Injuries in Germany: 1886-2009, Safety Science Monitor 15, 1-17, 2011 (with Thomas Kohstall).

    Towards a European Economics of Economics: Monitoring a Decade of Top Research and Providing Some Explanation, Scientometrics 66, 579-612, 2006 (with Stephane Ghio and Martin Steininger).

    Business Cycle Dynamics in a Neural Net Framework, International Journal of Computer Research 10, 201-222, 2000 (with Guido Fioretti).

    Chapters in Books

    In English

    The Econometric Analysis of Willingness-to-pay for Intangibles with Experience Good Character, in W. Maennig und A. Zimbalist (eds.), International Handbook on the Economics of Mega Sporting Events, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 227-245, 2012.

    Government Debt and the Portfolios of the Rich, in J. Micklewright and S. Jenkins (eds.), Inequality and Poverty Re-examined, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 268-283, 2007 (with Robert K. von Weizsäcker).

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    In German

    Die intangiblen Effekte der Fußball-WM 2006 in Deutschland. Eine Bewertung mit der Contingent-Valuation-Methode, in A. Spellerberg, H. H. Topp, S. Bogusch, and C. West (eds.), Organisation und Folgewirkungen von Großveranstaltungen, VS Verlag, Wiesbaden, 83-100, 2009 (with Malte Heyne).

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      Policy contributions and didactics

      Naturkatastrophen: Pflichtversicherung oder staatliches Handeln?, WISU Das Wirtschaftsstudium 8-9/06, 1111-1116, 2006 (with Christian Feilcke and Robert K. von Weizsäcker)

      Institutional Determinants of Public Debt: A Political Economy Perspective, Intergenerational Justice Review 3, 32-33, 2005 (with Robert K. von Weizsäcker).

      Effizienz und Produktivität von wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultäten in Deutschland: Eine Analyse anhand von wissenschaftlichen Publikationsaktivitäten an Hochschulen, Gesellschaft für Regionalforschung (GfR) Seminarbericht 47, 45-73, 2004 (with Martin Steininger).

      Die Examensklausur aus der Volkswirtschaftslehre, WISU Das Wirtschaftsstudium 11/03, 1425-1428, 2003.

      RAE Rankings and Top Journals, Royal Economic Society Newsletter, October issue, 5-6, 2002 (with Ulrich Woitek).

      Media Coverage

      Radio and TV

      28.01.2012: Interview, mdr: Zur Problematik von Konjunkturprognosen; MP3 (2 MB)

      22.06.2010: Interview, hr1: Konjunktursituation - "Es ist eine Momentaufnahme"; MP3 (2.2 MB)

      14.10.2009: Interview, Deutschlandfunk (mit C. Fuest): Selbstfinanzierung von Steuersenkungen

      09.10.2008: Interview, afk M94.5: Subprime-Krise

      13.08.2008: Interview, Deutschlandradio Kultur: Zusammenhang von Stundenzahl und Lernerfolg

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